Some days ago, I was in contact with PluralSight.
I was trying to become a PluralSight author.
After years consuming video content there, I felt like putting my content there too. But, I did not pass on the audition in this time.
I’ll explain how it works the process to become a PluralSight author and tell you why I didn’t get in.

What motivated me?

As I said before, I want to publish part of the content that I produce on PluralSight.
I have some reasons to want that, two of them are:

After read the post written by André, I decided to apply myself as an author.
To become an author, technological knowledge is not the most important thing that you had to know.

The process

The process starts when you apply yourself to become an author on this link. The applying process is very simple, just fill the form. You need to inform the content audience of the course you are thinking about. I didn’t like the content audience part, because the topics are too much generic.

After a couple of days, someone from pluralsight sent me an email saying that the type of content that I chose had already too many authors and good courses. I replied the email explaining more specifically about what I wanted to say. After that, they were interested on my course.

If PluralSight has interest in your content, the conversation will continue. They are very attentive and the process is very professional.

I had a call with a guy called Matt and he explained me a lot of things and the next step, the audition.

The audition

Finally, the audition. Here, you will produce a 7 ~ 9 minutes video. The porpouse is to demontrate your training skills. This video is the most important thing, it defines if you have or not the ability to publish your course.

During the process, the person who will be helping you, will send some materials to you. You have to follow this materials informations, some of the informations are:

So, be very attention here, you need to follow this “documentation”.

You can see my audition on this video:

Why didn’t I get it?

In the begining of the emails, Matt sent to me the materials with the information that I should have followed to produce the video, but I just saw the link after I received the feedback that I didn’t follow those materials.

Matt also said that the sample that I used on the video is not applicable in the real world. PluralSight want people who will watch video content have “a-haa” moments during the video.

My video audition have a couple slides, this is not a problem, but they can not be white background with black letters. You can see the right way to create good slides presentation on the materials that pluralsight sent to you in the audition process.


The feedback pluralsight gave me was valuable, very professional and straight to the point. For sure it will help me in the next time I apply.

I am learning lots of things studing those materials that I said in The audition.

It was a great experience and I didn’t give up to publish a course on PluralSight. I’ll try again in a few weeks and, of course, I’ll write the result here on my blog. So, stay in touch :)

See you on the next post!


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